Natural Pro Round Brush


Natural Pro Round Brush


Slay your styling routine with our fabulous Professional Round Brush!


Made from eco-friendly bio-based materials, this brush isn't just about looking good - it's about feeling good too. 


It’s designed with straw content that can handle the heat (up to 110 degrees), so it’s good for your hair, and good for the planet! 


Upgrade your styling routine with our Professional Round Brush - 

because fabulous hair days should be effortless!

  • Authentic product

  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee 

  • Safe & secure payments

  • Australian owned & operated

Recyclable. Reusable. Sustainable.

Quick Styling

Heats up fast and retains heat for faster styling, with maximum airflow for long-lasting results.

Natural Shine

Keratin-rich bristles distribute scalp oils, leaving your hair glossy and vibrant

Handy Retractable Needle

Need to part or section your hair? Our brush comes with a retractable needle for easy use and storage

Comfort is Key

Say goodbye to uncomfortable handles with our soft-touch, lightweight grip designed for easy styling sessions

Made from BIO-BASED materials.

Better for you. Better for the planet. 

Advanced Technology

Ceramic-coated barrel fights frizz, removes odors, and protects against bacteria.

Made from BIO-BASED materials.

Better for you. Better for the planet. 

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Style with Purpose.

Get ready to shine.  

Our keratin enriched brushes help you harness your styling potential so you can unlock the natural beauty of your hair and create long lasting styles. 

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Australia owned & operated

30-day satisfaction guarantee

Safe & secure payments

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